QHMPL 262W Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse

QHMPL 262W Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse

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QHMPL 262W Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse (Bluetooth, Black/Gray)  (Code-Haresh072-) (Code-KundanLal-091-)

Wireless For Gaming Interface: Bluetooth Laser Mouse.

Quantum Wireless Mouse QHM262W Optical Mouse Simple yet Fully Functional Device The Quantum Wireless Mouse features compact design, convenient scroll wheel and a wireless USB receiver. The fit-to-palm size and comfortable design offer you convenient holding grip while operating the mouse. The scroll wheel lets you take control over your scroll on the screen effortlessly. The built-in USB receiver is plugged into your USB port of your device and enables you to operate the device even from a fair distance seamlessly. Efficient Usage The mouse is powered by 2.4 GHz wireless technology that gives you a lag-free performance. You can place it on a table on a mouse pad, it is completely operable at a range of around 10 m. The mouse has 1600 dpi that enhances cursor sensitivity which allows you to navigate with more precision. Such high DI also makes the mouse ideal even for bigger screens. Additional Features Backed with batteries, the optical mouse that enables it to run for long hours without any interruptions. It is compatible with a different operating system like Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8 and more. The black colour gives it an elegant and smart look. It weighs 118 g and 12 x 4 x 7 cm which lets you carry the mouse easily wherever you go. The above product description is for Quantum Wireless QHM262W Optical Mouse.

QHMPL 262W Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse (Bluetooth, Black/Gray)
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