Panasonic Washing Machine

Panasonic Washing Machine

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Panasonic 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (NA-W65B3RRB, Red)


Pansonic Semi-automatic Washing Machines

Aqua Shower Rinse

The Power of Unique Soak

Perfect Wash for Years with High-end Durability

Get a Clean Wash everytime with Aqua Water Filter

Use with Ease

Large Capacity

Features which make Panasonic semi-automatic washing machines Best-In-Class Pansonic semi-automatic washing machines are designed to deliver a perfect wash every time. Inspired by advance Japanese Technology. Panasonic semi-automatic washing machines incorporate countless unique and innovative featured which make them the best choice for your home.
Powerful shower of fresh water at the center of the tub and continuous drainage of dirty water, along with the spinning action efficiently removes the detergent from the clothes. Aqua shower rinse delivers a hygienic and completely detergent free wash by removing 100% of detergent from the cloth fibers.
The pre-soaking of clothes at the beginning of the wash cycle helps remove even the toughest stains. The unique soak feature allows the detergent particles to attack the stains and loosen them so that they can be easily removed during the wash cycle.
Panasonic semi-automatic machines are highly durable and deliver amazing washing performance years after year. With a poly propylene body, these machines are completely rust proof and look the same even after years of usage. These machines also enjoy a 5-year warranty on motor.
The Aqua water stops the impurities and dirt present in water from entering the tub to ensure a clean and fresh wash every time. The filter makes sure that only clean and impurity-free water is used in every wash cycle.
With user friendly designs and operations, Panasonic semi automatic washing machine are very easy to operate. Several features like pre-hand wash, washing and drying at the same time, option to add clothes during the wash cycle and a buzzer at the end of each cycle makes Panasonic semi-automatic machines extremely convenient to use.
The large capacity of Panasonic semi automatic washing machines allows you to wash any size of laundry without worrying about the wash quality. These machines clean even heavy loads efficiently.
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